Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Automatic Payments

This popular features allows your customers to approve automatic payments for any invoices that have a balance due.  You can choose which automatic payment schedule options are available to your customers: once per month, twice per month, every week, or on invoice due date. In all cases Bill & Pay automatically pays the amount of the invoice. It doesn't matter if the invoice amount varies. You can also setup automatic payments for your customers by going to the Customers page, clicking on the customer's name, then the 'Auto Pay' button.

Below is a summary of the options related to Auto Pay:

  • Auto pay can be monthly, twice per month, weekly, or "on invoice due date". (In all cases it pays the full amount of the open invoice.)
  • Bill & Pay includes a customer portal where the customer can signup for auto pay.  Or, the biller can setup auto pay for a customer.
  • All open invoices synced from QuickBooks are automatically paid on the auto pay date or "on invoice due date".
  • Automatic payments can be setup using ACH or a credit card.
  • Customers receive a confirmation email of their auto payment (this can be turned off).
  • Customers can receive an advanced email notice of an upcoming auto payment (optional).
  • Auto send reminder emails prior to the credit card expiration date.
  • Prevent auto pay based on the QuickBooks invoice template (in QuickBooks Desktop only).
  • Setup a maximum payment amount that is applied to the oldest invoice.
  • The biller can require all customers to sign-up for autopay. When the customer is emailed and clicks the link to pay, they are instructed how to set-up automatic payments. 
  • Receive notification when a customer signs up for auto payments. 
  • Lock auto payments so the customer cannot remove. Option to allow them to update their payment account. 
  • Auto pay a batch of invoices by selecting from a list of invoices with an open balance.

In addition to auto payments, we have Payment Plans, which are setup for a single invoice. For example you can setup a $1,000 invoice with 10 auto payments of $100. Click here for more information about Payment Plans.

If you want to run recurring payments without creating invoices, click here to check out our Subscription Payments feature.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Reminder Emails

You can dramatically improve your collection efforts by setting up automatic payment reminder emails. The Bill & Pay email reminder system is fully automated. Reminders are automatically sent based on each specific invoice due date with a balance due.

You can have up to three reminders sent before the invoice due date and up to five reminders sent after the invoice due date. All reminders are sent according to the rules you setup for your account. Here are examples of additional options:

  • Only send to enrolled customers
  • Send to all customers: enrolled and unenrolled
  • Exclude customers who have auto pay
  • Attach the invoice PDF to the reminder email
  • Customize the text of each reminder email or use our default text

Bill & Pay tracks who is sent an email so they are not sent the same reminder twice. You can also see the reminder emails sent by clicking the customer's screen and then "Emails Sent" tab or in the "Emails Sent to Customers" report.