Monday, July 10, 2017

Payment Plans

Bill & Pay payment plans allow you to setup installment payments against a single invoice. You setup the payment amount and frequency per the screen shots below.   If you need the payment amounts to vary, you can use the "Schedule Multiple Payments" button found on the top of the view invoice screen.  Click the "?" for more details.  

1.  In your Bill & Pay account, select the customer name from the customer list and click “Payment Plan” from the customer detail screen.  Another option is to select the invoice from the "unpaid invoice" list in the left navigation panel.

2.  All open invoices for that customer are displayed, select the invoice to create payment plan for.

3.  Fill-in the Payment Plan fields to select your down payment (optional), schedule/frequency, starting date and payment amount.  Select if the payments can be made using ACH or Credit Card.  

The preview window displays the details of the payment plan.   The final payment will auto calculate to pay the remaining balance. 

4.  Select if the payment plan should be emailed to the customer to approve and they enter their payment account info OR select “Approve Plan” if the business is going to enter the payment account information.

5.  Payments are automatically run per the payment plan details.  If the biller is using QuickBooks or XERO, the payments will auto post into the accounting software and are applied to the invoice.

6.  If the biller approves the payment plan, the customer can see the details in a new tab called Payment Plan as shown below. 

The following screens apply only if the customer is being emailed the payment plan to approve and enter their payment account info.

The customer receives an email notifying them of the payment plan.

After the customer logs in to their Bill & Pay account, they see the payment plan details for the invoice and they click to approve.

The customer selects the payment option.

The customer enters their payment account details.  They can enter credit card or bank account if the merchant is setup for both.  Bill & Pay provides an ACH application.

Customer authorizes the payment.

You can also allow customers to create payment plans themselves. You must enable it in Advanced Options / Payment Plans under the "Customer Create Payment Plans" heading. Once enabled, the customer can go to their "Invoices & Payments" page to view an invoice, and it will show the "Create Payment Plan" button above the invoice.