Thursday, May 24, 2018

Subscription Payments

Easily and automatically collect subscription payments from your customers with Bill & Pay.

All versions of Bill & Pay include the option to setup repeat payments without an invoice.
  • Use your existing merchant account or allow us to provide you a competitive quote for a new merchant account
  • Use our ACH service, at no extra cost, to accept payments from checking accounts and save money
  • Level 1 PCI compliant storage of all credit card data

Learn more and see all the features below.

Under Advanced Option / Subscriptions you can create profiles of different subscription plans you want to offer.  You can either "Add a New Profile" or click on an existing profile to modify it.  Click "Subscription Options" to choose if subscription payments sync into QuickBooks as a received payment or a sales receipt.  If you use sales receipts, you can also choose the "line item name" the payment is attached to.  You can choose from 7 different payment frequencies as shown under the Frequency heading below.

In the following screenshot the monthly subscription profile "Test 4", which had been created earlier, has been clicked.  Subscription profiles can either have a set number of payments or continue indefinitely until the plan is canceled.  This subscription profile has six monthly payments of $40.00 each.  You also have the option of adding a sales tax amount for each payment. Right now we do not support variable sales tax amounts by state.

If you click on the box “Subscriptions using this profile will not have an end date” the number of payments will not be shown.

Once your subscription profiles are set up you can go to a customer record and click on the "Subscriptions" button and add a new subscription plan.

You can choose an existing profile you created earlier or set up a completely custom subscription plan for this customer.

The example below uses the "Test 4" subscription profile:

Choosing a profile will populate the subscription plan settings from the subscription profile you created.  You must pick a start date for the subscription plan to begin processing payments. Bill & Pay will automatically calculate an end date if the profile was defined as having a specific number of payments.  The fields are dynamic so if you change the number of payments, it will change the end date. If you change the end date it will calculate the number of payments automatically.  Payments are always made on the same date, or day of the week you choose for the start date.  If you choose twice per month payments, the first payment is on the date of the month you choose and the second payment is 14 days later.  The next payment will be on the date you initially setup.

You have the option of adding a down payment and choose a date that will occur.

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