Monday, January 21, 2019

Reminder Emails

You can dramatically improve your collection efforts by setting up automatic payment reminder emails. The Bill & Pay email reminder system is fully automated. Reminders are automatically sent based on each specific invoice due date with a balance due.

You can have up to three reminders sent before the invoice due date and up to five reminders sent after the invoice due date. All reminders are sent according to the rules you setup for your account. Here are examples of additional options:

  • Only send to enrolled customers
  • Send to all customers: enrolled and unenrolled
  • Exclude customers who have auto pay
  • Attach the invoice PDF to the reminder email
  • Customize the text of each reminder email or use our default text

Bill & Pay tracks who is sent an email so they are not sent the same reminder twice. You can also see the reminder emails sent by clicking the customer's screen and then "Emails Sent" tab or in the "Emails Sent to Customers" report.