Tuesday, October 24, 2017

User Action Log

This feature allows you to view the specific action taken by any of your user accounts (employees) and your customers. The log shows which user performed the following activity: Add Customer, Accept Payment, Update Customer, Approve Auto-Pay, Disable Auto-Pay, Reset Customer Password, Unenroll Payer, Create Payment Plan, Approve Payment Plan, Unapprove Payment Plan, Delete Payment Plan.

This is a helpful tool for tracking or researching potential questions or discrepancies. For example, if a customer said “I didn’t make that payment” you can go to their screen and it will tell you exactly how and who processed the payment. 

Example of the User Action Log found at the bottom of each Customer page:

There is a $50 setup fee and $10/month additional fee for this service. To enable this feature, click on Support in your Bill & Pay account to contact customer service.