Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Statement Overview

This blog explains how you can email a statement to your customers that notifies them what their current account balance is.   You can also send customers a detailed statement of their account status.

In your Bill & Pay account go to Advanced Options/Statements:

The “Email Statement” box will only appear on the customer screen if the above option is set to send "manually" or "monthly".

When you click “Email Statement”, the customer receives an email based on their account balance using the respective templates:  Balance Due, Zero Balance, Credit Balance.   If the template is not checked, an email will not be sent for that condition. 


Detailed Statement PDF 

To enable this advanced option, please send a request to our Helpdesk by clicking the Support button in your account.  There is a one time $50 activation fee and an additional $10/month fee ongoing.

    When detailed statement PDFs are enabled, a new section is added under Advanced Options/Statements (see red arrow below).   The first step is to edit the statement PDF appearance.  The PDF is sent as an attachment with the statement emails as described above. 

    When the statement PDF option is enabled, the customer screen changes from “Email Statement” to “Statement”.  By clicking the statement box on a customer screen you can view and send the statement email and PDF to this specific customer.  

    When detailed statements are enabled, the invoice appearance template includes this option:

    Below is an example of the “Open Invoice Summary Area”.  This box is embedded in the invoice below the summary lines.  It’s simply a list of open invoices:


    Statements and Click Pay

    This feature allows the payer to make a payment from a statement email or detailed statement PDF without a log in.  A support ticket should be sent requesting that this feature be enabled.  There is no cost.  

      Note:  We cannot sync actual statements from QuickBooks because QuickBooks generates statements as a dynamic report that captures a point in time, which is why Bill & Pay creates the statement.