Thursday, May 28, 2015

Setting Up Payment Arrangements for an Invoice

You may regularly have invoices with large amounts that you allow your customers to pay off over time. Or perhaps you have a customer that has a long overdue invoice balance that you have been able to come to an agreement with to make payments over time until it is paid off.

Bill & Pay provides two methods to process payments in these situations:

  • Automatically make fixed payments on a regular schedule until the invoice is paid off using a Payment Plan
  • Set up any schedule of payments with each payment being any dollar amount using Scheduled Payments

Payment Plans

Payment Plans let you set up a regular payment schedule for a fixed payment amount. Bill & Pay will automatically process the transactions until the invoice balance is paid in full.

To use Payment Plans you have to enable them in Advanced Options under Payment Plans. You only have to do this one time. Payment Plans will then be available to create for any of your customers from that time on.

The Advanced Options / Payment Plans page where you choose what Payment Plan scheduling options are available.

You can choose which Payment Plan scheduling options are available including: Once-Per-Month, Twice-Per-Month, Once-Per-Week, and Once-Per-Quarter.

Here are the steps to create a Payment Plan for a specific invoice:
  1. Go to Customers.
  2. Click on the customer to create a Payment Plan for.
  3. Click on the invoice the Payment Plan will be paying.
  4. Click the Create Payment Plan button. Note that this button is only available if there is a balance due on the invoice.
  5. Enter the following information about the Payment Plan:

    • Down Payment AmountYou can process a down payment transaction as soon as the plan is approved for any dollar amount you enter. If you do not want a down payment leave this field empty.
    • Schedule
      How often an automatic transaction will be processed to pay this payment plan.
    • Starting Date
      The date of the first automatic transaction.
    • Payment Amount
      The dollar amount of each individual automatic transaction.
    • Who will be entering payment information
      Choose if you will be entering the payment account information or if you want to email the Payment Plan to your customer so they can enter the payment account.
    • Lock this payment plan
      Your customer can cancel a payment plan authorization by logging in and disabling a payment plan. To prevent them from canceling a payment plan place a checkmark next to this option.
      As you enter information about your payment plan you will see a preview of the schedule of payments to the right side of the page.

      Preview the schedule of a Payment Plan you are creating in the preview area on the right side of the page.
  6. Click the Create Plan button.
If you chose to send the Payment Plan to your customer, an email will be sent to them. No payments will be processed until your customer logs in and approves the payment plan by entering their payment account information. Once they do any down payment will be processed immediately and all automatic payments will be processed according to the schedule you specified.

If you chose to enter the payment account information yourself you will be taken to a payment account information page where you will immediately enter the payment account or select one of the customer's recently used payment accounts. Once you have entered the payment account any down payment will be processed immediately and all automatic payments will be processed according to the schedule you specified.

Payment Plans will continue making automatic payments in the amount you specified until the invoice is paid in full. If you enter other payments received from the customer on the invoice such as a check or cash the Payment Plan will automatically adjust to have fewer payments. The final payment generated by the Payment Plan will be the invoice pay off amount which may be less than the usual Payment Plan dollar amount. The customer will not get overcharged when using a Payment Plan.

Scheduled Payments

If you or the customer prefers a payment schedule that is irregular or of varying dollar amounts you will not use Payment Plans. Instead you will create scheduled payments. Here are the steps:
  1. Go to Customers.
  2. Click on the customer to schedule payments for.
  3. Click on the invoice they will be paying.
  4. Click the Accept Payment button.
  5. Change the Amount To Pay field to the amount of the payment to make on the invoice.
  6. Enter the payment account information.
  7. Change the Schedule Payment Date field to the future date that the payment should be processed.
  8. Click Process Payment.
  9. Go back to step 3 and repeat until Bill & Pay shows a balance of zero dollars on the invoice.
Payments you have scheduled for a future date will show in the Invoices & Payments section of the Customer page.

You do have to schedule each payment manually using this method. However, it gives you the flexibility to make each payment on any date and for any amount.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Google Group for Developers

Today we are launching a Google Group for developers that are interested in integrating with Bill & Pay. This public forum will allow developers to talk with each other and the developers of Bill & Pay to get help, ask questions, and make suggestions.

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