Thursday, May 26, 2016

Document Storage and Sharing

Use Bill & Pay to:
  • Store important documents used by your staff
  • Share company notices, promotions and policies with all customers
  • Present documents such as proposals, specifications, and drawings to individual customers
  • Securely receive files from your customers
All within a single secure sign-on account.

Internal Documents

Biller Control Panel
"Documents" menu options.

For internal business use.  Accessible to users (staff) of the Biller Control Panel.

Public Documents

Files placed here are visible to all customers/payers in their Bill & Pay portal. Payers cannot modify the Public Documents but can download them.

Customer Specific Documents 

Individual document storage area per customer.

  • Biller can add documents to a customer’s account by going to the customer screen and selecting the DOCUMENTS button. Documents added this way are only available to this one customer.
  • Customers can modify and add files to their Customer Documents area.
  • Biller is notified by email when a customer modifies or adds documents.
  • Track type, date/time and size of files shared.

Updates Log

  • Biller has access to all file revisions added or modified by customers and staff